What do you need done today?

Are you looking for a reliable, honest and highly skilled Rhode Island handyman? If so, you have come to the right place.

Handyman John has been providing ‘handyman’, home repair and remodeling services since 2003 in the West Bay and South County areas of Rhode Island.  Whether it is a small, one-time repair or a large project, Handyman John is here to help.

If you have had bad experiences in the past, fear no more, Handyman not only has the skills to help but plenty of client references and testimonials to make you feel safe and secure that you have made a sound decision.

So ‘What do you need done TODAY?’ Handyman John would like to discuss with you, your Rhode Island (RI) home, condo or property management needs so that he can create a customized and affordable solution. You may reach John at 401-714-5790 and leave a message or send a text. If you prefer email, use handymanjohn@cox.net.

Rhode Island Contractors Registration Number: 24659 3 Million Dollar Liability Insurance Policy

Contact us today to make an appointment.

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